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Ulli in a Golf tournamet

The Photographer

Ulrich Pokorra was born in 1950 in Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhrgebiet of Germany.


There he works as a director at a Vocational College. He is no professional in photography although during his studies he worked as a freelance photographer for different newspapers and magazines.


His photographies are inspired by the natural beauty that he experienced during many trips throughout Europe and his second home Mallorca Island/Spain. He likes to smell nature on his tongue. His cameras try to freeze moments where he is especially grateful for its silence, beauty and natural lighting.


Ulli's approach to his photography is constantly evolving and powered by emotion never losing global sensibilities to transcend borders and capture the essence of diverse landscapes and cultures.


The result is a fresh body of work. In addition he is the webmaster of some other well-known web projects which are all combined in the portal the 'xmas web projects', but some are only available in German language.

The online exhibition at the BTDesign Art Gallery of Barabra Tampieri/Italy is over now. Thank you Barbara for the invitation as a Guest artist of the Month and the admirable presentation with texts in English, Italian and Spanish. The exhibition is now featured in a permanent gallery. Click on the banner and you will be linked to the gallery opening in a new window.

Exhibition of Guest Artist of the Month March 2002; BTDesign Art Gallery

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