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Our  international Xmas Stars*** Award Program  is closed since January the 1st 2005.


Kristall Award Gold(ID A 10-01), rated GTA 5 stars, Metatron, MetatroniC, WHM       Rosengold Oktober 2001,rated World's Top Award, 4.5 AS, GTA 5 Stars, MetatroniC,WHM MetatroN    

The Kristall Award Gold by webmaster Tom Rohner from Switzerland was not only our first one we received for the excellence of  Photogenic-art, but  according to the laudation  as an honour for our complete works and achievements in Web- Design, too. 

It was immediately followed by a second superb Award - Mari's Rosengold Award (WTA) for the month October by Mari's Page. So we showcase here both as pars pro toto.

Golden Art Site BTDesign, World's Top Award, AS 5.0, MetatroN, GTA 5 StarsHaving written those statements above we were surprised to be honoured by a World's Top Award from Barbara Tampieri BTDesign (Italy) who appreciates our exceptional design and layout as well as our artistic personality and artworks. In addition she invited us to exhibit as guest artist of the month in her online BTDesign Art Gallery.

[Click here] to preview some of the selected photos in bigger size.

The exhibition itself was scheduled for March 2002. We will participate the 2002 edition of the annual 'Master' art award as an official nominee.


Meanwhile Photogenic-art has achieved to win ten World's Top Awards and a lot of other honorable awards in Germany among others the unique and highly appreciated Web Diamond Design, which we are very proud of.

Special thanks to all the webmasters who have spent so much time on evaluating our website and who have granted us so wonderful and great awards.


Beacon Award 2002 Sitre of the year; AS! 4.5In December 2002 Photogenic-art was honored with the Beacon Award 2002 Site of the Year.This award is presented at the end of each year to the Beacon Award Gold winner which best demonstrates the spirit and purpose of the Beacon Awards.


Image of the MonthOur image "Coach" was among those we sent to BTDesign for the past exhibition and we were surprised that it entered the contest for IMAGE OF THE MONTH June 2003. We were even more surpised to hear that it was the most voted JUNE IMAGE OF THE MONTH, 2003 at BTDesign Art Gallery. Thanks! Click on the award to see the images of the Month Winners.




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