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Welcome to Photogenic-art an online photo gallery with a variety of topics ranging from landscape over people and industry to our personal favourites- the beauties.

We hope you will have a pleasant stay and you will enjoy our photo selection. Perhaps it will be the compelling motive for you to  search for your camera right afterwards and  to go out to take some nice pictures yourself.

The region of the Ruhrgebiet around Düsseldorf, the Black Forest situated in the South West of Germany and Mallorca Island in Spain served as wonderful locations for these photo series.

Minolta DynaxOur hardware consists of two MINOLTA Dynax motor reflex cameras with different MINOLTA lenses and the LCD digital camera CASIO QV-2900UX 8x optical x 4x digital zoom, super macro and 2.1 mega pixels.

Casio QV-2900UX

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